Once More With The Patio Fever

Some patios can have stuff stuck in the middle of them! Like these two:

And others can be right out in the lawn!

And some can be “out there” in other ways:

Here’s a smoothie:

2 thoughts on “Once More With The Patio Fever

  1. Ooh, cool!! I love number 2 down, with the rocks just sticking out of it like that..

    My garden is needing some help, want to come up to Seattle? 😉 A patio like that would be wonderful. Mind you, we don’t get enough sunshine to do a lot of outdoor living. Rain, again today.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! 🙂 Horns and halo, I have them both..

  2. Tell me about the sunshine lack, Chiandra. We get almost as much rain as you in Portland. Thanks for your comment. Don’t be a stranger. Loved your blog.

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