Musical Interlude – John McLaughlin Then and Now

I began a project this past Monday – nothing huge, but a serious renovation of a back yard involving a massive cleanup. For once, I decided to attack it myself – sans help – because I should be able to nurse the project quite selfishly and simply because I get total control over every aspect, along with the input from the client.

Well, was I ever bowled over by the 100 degree heat – good lord, that was hideous. In Kentucky, the “Heat Index” actually means something. When they say “Temperture: 94, Feels Like: 101”, they happen to be correct. Today was a far more bearable 93, lol. Humidity like this can make sweat come from outside a man.

It beat me up pretty good, lol. I’ve lost 8 pounds and I’m only partially-plump.

So, as much as I want to share more here, I think I’ll devolve into an easier task of presenting just a little more from my favorite Youtube musical choices, nurse a Coke laden with ice, sit back and watch some baseball. ┬á­čśë

John McLaughlin is a timeless hero for me. I’ve sat,┬ámesmerized┬áby the chops of ┬áhis Mahavishnu Orchestra in the ’70’s and have followed him as closely as i could over the years. This piece below is from a concert just a couple years ago, in Chicago. Always the jazzist, he borders on some lyrical, near rock and roll-like licks and, as always is such a huge presence as a guitarist. I also like the MC at this concert……..

For anyone curious as to what his Mahavishnu Orchestra was all about, I’m including this below – the taping was done in the 70’s, so it will be less than perfect but the super group of Billy Cobham on drums, Steve Goodman (Benny’s son) on violin, Jan Hammer on piano and Rick Baird on bass here represent very much their stunning musicianship and their wildly unique musical method.

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