Roses – Summer At The Portland Rose Garden

This will be more of a pictorial feast. I am not particularly knowledgeable about roses, although I have definitely planted many, and actually pruned more. But I just “smell the roses” like everyone else does when I come here. Enjoying them is why they are there.

(These can be enlarged by left clicking)

IMG_7467 (1)

The smells alone were enough to ‘send’ you. This was definitely the best overall that I’ve ever seen the Garden, completely smothered in Rose blooms.


Anyway, just beautiful stuff – and fun to share.




Old Louisville 489

It was really one of those perfect Pacific Northwest days – 70-76 degrees, no wind, fresh air like crazy, huge trees all around –

Just gorgeous for us all.

Annette took some pictures using a filter which she graciously sent me for my return home. They are throughout this post. It was a great time.





Forest miscreants!


Old Louisville 541

Old Louisville 539



These next ones were a small treat. A very delicately-shaded Wine Colored Rose – nothing too “out there”, but just gorgeous and gorgeously informal, too.

Old Louisville 503

I may not know roses that well, but  I know what I like.

The Portland Rose Garden is a treasure right about now.

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