Building Waterfalls

Some falls are more fun to make than others. Small spaces make more of a chore simply owing to the size and weight of the rocks used. Inasmuch as we use cement on most applications dealing with falls, a small space can be problematic owing to the need to mix the stuff near enough to get to it yet not so far that you drop it on the way and create a mess. Machines are my biggest friend making waterfalls, in particular those mini excavators – or the larger ines for big projects such as the picture below a ways.

But dealing with liners, the construction process itself, getting the rocks just right – its all pretty interesting and challenging. Later, the planting is something I take great pride in, myself. Plants actually complete the process which may have begun with bare dirt but now resemble some mountainside. Below are a few more pictures of falls we’ve done over the years.

This one runs about 600 gallons a minute, lol:

Complete with a bubble rock below!

4 thoughts on “Building Waterfalls

  1. I am a landscape contractor in Utah and have done many waterfalls, but recently did my first “pondless”. It came out looking great, but was somewhat of a challenge. I am wondering if there is a better way to do it. Any tips?

  2. There are now products devoted strictly to “pondless” systems. I like them, myself, but the “old days” (3 years ago!, lol) they weren’t around. I used irrigation boxes to protect the motor/pump. I would also wrap ‘hardware cloth’, small meshed chicken wire like stuff, around the pump to keep rocks out of the pump………generally, that’s your biggest worry. Impellers for pumps actually tend to be plastic and they break easily. On the good side, turns out they are easily replaceable.

    Pondless is superior in many ways. You get gorgeous rocks to cover the ‘pond’………..and you don’t have the algae issues of a pond. Utah, like Nevada, has lots of sun and algae loves that sun.

    I also love putting water flowers and plants in those pondless areas. They look striking and you can only find them in plants who literally like sitting in water.

    Feel free to ask more questions, either here or by mail. I hope this helps.

  3. Seeing the pictures above makes me say wow! It is so amazing! They are creatively designed well. I’m amazed just by seeing it in pictures, how much more in reality.
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