Almost Final Pages on Waterfalls

At least this time around, the final pages. Waterfalls can be aspects of a landscape that are nowhere near the central focus. Some of them, such as this one, can be used to filtrate and aerate water, just to keep it moving and to insure that it stays a bit cleaner in the pond itself. That it provides a nice trickling sound is a nice adjunct, to be sure.

Others can be used for different if equally utilitarian purposes. The falls shown here are used primarily to conduct the water overflowing the infinity edge of the pool above it to a central gathering and redistribution point. When the clients saw what we were doing, they suddenly wanted a patio around it, to enjoy the cascading sounds and effects.

These falls are on the downside of this:

And still others are useful origins for a desired creek. Here is the creek:

And here, before fully planting, is where it began:

Just after planting, a bit downstream, looking back the pond water being low:

A few years later, revisiting the falls:

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