Musical Interlude – Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker was last identified by many as the drummer for Cream. Now in his 70’s, he still rips it out, along with some of the world’s best musicians. In the first tune, Ginger drums while uber-illustrious jazz bassist Charlie Haden plucks the bass and Bill Frizell strums the guitar in his fashion. The bass solo is a bit long, but the song shows Baker’s evolution, complete with his rolling style.


The second tune is a favorite Cream tune of mine, also made recently as they reunited in Royal Albert Hall in 2005, after 30 years apart. It seemed electric.

Baker’s reputation is messy, with a drug reputation – no doubt well-deserved. But he is still a rocker and shaker, he seems healthy as heck now and he makes brilliant music, with excellent players.

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