Garden and Landscape Pathways – Pavers

Brick pavers offer an rich, stable and impressive alternative to pathways of gravel and stone slabs set in sand or DG. The chances of these paths outlasting a house are almost as sure as the sun coming up. Often utilized as street paving materials, brick pavers also have the virtue of manufactured durability. High PSI strength, dense composition and a wider and wider range of colors and textures make brick pavers a very permanent solution for pathway construction.

This next picture is a continuation of the above, taken during construction and showing destination:

Other samples include patios embedded in lawns and beds, still curvaceous and thus more appealing:

And still others are attached to existing cement driveways or porches and add another dimension which was not there originally:

And others use a larger paver for similar purposes, in this case 24″ X 24″ :

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