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I often visit web sites and landscape galleries for the development of my own projects. I get abundant ideas and I have always tried to approach each site with a clear mind, hoping for a gem or two to take into my own designs and projects. Today, I am taking the liberty of shamelessly posting a few of this interesting designer’s pictures, lifted directly from her website. These are not only the designs from the company featured here, but also their installations. Heidi – who I have come to know somewhat via a small and hopefully developing correspondence – comes almost as close as anyone I have yet met on line to the sorts of projects I prefer most. It is not all that often I find someone who reminds me of me, lol. But in Heidi’s work, (and her firm’s, let me hasten to add), I see a similar regard for pleasing clients as well as an obvious urge to do things just a bit differently.

Her Business Site

The picture above illustrates my point. Details such as this can be a hard sell to a homeowner, first. Many don’t really realize the uniqueness they are being provided, bottom line. And, truth be told, some detail such as that above may be small potatoes in the overall scheme. There are certainly larger scale Landscape Architects whose projects in public and commercial centers are truly riveting and outstanding creative examples of the trade. But those, like many of their impressive and unbelievably expensive projects do indeed reflect the possibilities of landscaping itself and are noteworthy for that – by all means – however, making something special for the mid range residential client is what I personally have always prided myself on. Heidi “gets it” in this particular niche and her clients have got to be inordinately pleased.

In short, I like her work and her company’s persona as evidenced by her web site. If I lived where she worked, I would definitely have her come take a look and pick her brain a bit on creative ideas.

Another draw for her site is its navigation. I wish she had put in just a few more examples of their projects, frankly, but I do respect its educational aspects. She explains in adequate detail what factors a landscaper considers in development of grounds and she offers abundant applications, from Japanese concepts to Garden Art.

I am shamelessly pimping Heidi (pardon the reference, Heidi, lol) because I like what she is trying to accomplish. It meets every ideal I have had over the past 35 years, including good relationships with the people who consider contracting her firm. Good stuff, Heidi!

4 thoughts on “Sites I Visit – Heidi and Art-of-Landscape Design

  1. Hi, Steve! Wow. Thanks a bunch.

    You’re right about more pictures — I’m slowly adding to our work samples on the “Get Creative” page. It’s amazing how many “In Progress” pictures we’ve taken, though. 🙂

    If you’re ever in the area…. look us up. Right now, I’ll go check out the forum.

  2. Well, I am a total sucker for “in progress” stuff. Lord, I must have a million of them as well. My assessment of your place does match my particular criteria. I find it helpful and instructive. Cool site.

    Yeah, it’s great to see you over at the forum. We’re trying to pump some life back into the old place. Verdant Forums has always been a labor of love.

  3. Hi Steve. Thanks for showing us Heidi’s great work. I, too, have retired (at 65) from the hands on pond building business. I changed my website at pondlady.comfrom a sales site to an interactive pond forum. Drop by when you get a chance.

  4. Great to hear from you again, Jan. I visited over there and it looks like things are under way, all righty. Hey, don’t forget us over at Verdant Forums either! I am trying to get it rolling again as you may have guessed from your mail.

    Honestly, all the best in your new venture. I have always loved your approach to ponds and water features in general.

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