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I take pictures all the time. There are days when I devote an entire day to taking the various pictures I would always have wanted to at another – earlier – time. Yes, this means I have some regrets I don’t want to revisit again regarding projects I have done – projects where I neglected to take the time to snap simple pictures taken in progress or at the completion of hundreds of wonderful landscapes. Therefore, the preciousness of those I did take  is somewhat off the charts, as average as they may be. They were a unique point in time, which is the signal virtue of all photography.

The Digital Age changed me. I fully admit to an absolute egotistical surge of pride when I realize I can have one of these cameras automatically adjust and snap pictures as if I were an actual pro. Cheating can be fun, after all!

Truthfully, I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy anything at all. Being relatively new to “full time” writing and thinking, I am still somewhat in the wash of wonder at the challenges of arranging unique thoughts and images –  sometimes so thrilling when I stop and contemplate it all. When I can combine these two avocations in a form such as this blog, it’s a true slice of heaven for me. Above and below, I’ll feature some of my personal favorite general images – later, not all mine –  a few of them focusing on projects and others on the representative unique specialness of the pictures themselves. As most people who follow this blog know, I have special affinities for certain plants and trees: Rhododendrons are a massive Champion for me, as are Roses and Dogwood Trees.

The simple entertaining luxury of Dogwoods as well as their amazing variety make the Kentucky countryside redolent and busy with blooms galore during Spring times such as this one now passing. The natural woods themselves feature these natives in a stunning natural glamour – especially poignant when combined with foreground landscaping planning such as this perspective from the grounds at Bernheim Forest.

 What is a Dogwood Spectacular?


Rhodies –

’nuff said   😉


One more:

Mmmmm, good enough to eat.  But don’t. Rhododendron blooms are poisonous.


One of my all time favorite projects revolved around this huge 10 acre plot we landscaped for a contractor for whom we did much other work as well. Of course this is common in construction as persons who award contracts learn more about those laboring for their benefit. Readers will be familiar with some of these:

From above:

Telephone call!! Burning Man on the line!

Seems my secretary has a hot thought!!!

She’s on fire!!   😉

I’m wearing the reader out with pictures. I’ll break for now and revisit this topic soon.

In three hours, I board a plane for Portland, yet again. Thence to San Diego to see my daughter. Life be’s good.

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