Needs Work Has Energy

In a somewhat pathetic excuse to display yet more pictures, all or most as-yet unseen by human eyes and ears over the months, I have decided to recycle the Seasons just a little bit. In fact, I have gone Full Monty in baring pictures which have only a few coherent themes.

It’s my blog – not yours.

The Sun came out this Spring Day in Portland, just last year. Bar none, every man and woman Jack and Jill made their ways outside just to feel the strangeness. I took my standard half day trip to the Pearl District and the Portland Chinese Garden where I once helped so laboriously to construct. Remarkable stuff happened there on this visit.

(all images enlarge with a click)

For examples, ducks were born overnight or during the morning…….. Check the little pile of family under the yellow Kerria. Enlarged is best. We got a splendidly elegant visit from a big Blue Heron……who swooped in magnificently as we watched. The Weeping tree displays this rock in a pairing which seems destined…….one of the ironies and successes of the Feng Shui approach the Chinese apply to combinations and more complex groupings of plantings, surfaces, buildings, sky and just everything else.  This barely budding Wysteria has a shapely beauty of its own. The bursting young blooms will soon display massive flowers, literally hiding the plant itself in a purple frenzy of pungeant smells and uncommon delicate beauty. As always in this garden, one can include absolutely any other feature of the site – in this case the woodwork on the adjacent building – in order to provide breath-taking Eye Candy.This is what I often refer to as one Healthy Crabapple Tree. Don’t ask me why – it’s crazy but that’s just the way I am.

At the Huntington Garden, meanwhile, another form of Spring had sprung…at their equally-interesting Chinese Garden, 1,000 miles to the South.

As Chinese Gardens go, this one was pretty darn OK………..

Of course, I am luckier than most. I attract gorgeous women. Look at this one trying to get my attention, for proof.

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky, the Dogwoods were also busting out like crazy. Being “Bi-Coastal” sometimes has monster advantages.

Bob Hill’s Hidden Hill Nursery can be shocking at times……

And, yes, that’s why we go there.

Speaking of Gods and Goddesses – normal conversation where I live – this review of some at the Huntington Garden can serve to remind us of how small we all are – unless of course we refer to them as tributes to ourselves. That takes some serious gas.

Experiencing the work of Michael Eckerman can be a surprise. This Santa Cruz stone mason and artist supplies arresting work on a very regular basis.

I also happen to believe that my Helen Nock does the same, just on another continent.

Someone call Burning Man!! This is a car phone emergency!!

What would Noguchi say?

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  1. I must return to Portland just to visit this garden! Gorgeous and serene, but alive with positive energy flow. I suppose that is intentional?

  2. I just ran across your website and would like to compliment you on your landscape designs and great pictures. Browsing through your articles was truly inspiring. Thank you for a job well done and I will certainly be back to visit.

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