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I happened down to the Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park a week or so ago while out with family. I am not generally one for “bloom pictures” – my stuff typically revolves around construction and design as a main emphasis. Still, plants make the environment, any way you look at it. I have many favorites – Euphorbia’s, succulents of all types, Rhodies, Azalea’s of all types, Cotinus (Smoke Trees) and the never-ending perennials all comprise a short list of fave plants. Rhododendrons may be my all time favorite blooms, just owing to their extreme size and profuseness when they arrive each Spring. But for sheer Summer beauty, Roses do indeed take the cake. I am no Niels. He knows far more about roses than I could pretend to know, yet, I do know many of them and have planted thousands, when told to. But, still, I know what I like:

The smells of the Garden are wonderful. This day, there was a Celtic songstress who played harp and serenaded with some amazingly beautiful music. It was a hugely calming and sensual sort of lyrical feast, perfect for the warm day with its still air. I am generally restless enough NOT to enjoy a rose garden and the idiot who supplied the camera forgot to bring new batteries, so that made me miss some really good pictures. Oh, wait! That’s me!

Nor am I a great photographer, I readily admit it. But I can sure point out why roses are so highly-regarded in any landscape, especially a landscape where one is prone to paying attention to them.

Here’s an overview of the place:

And still more, including two of Portland’s “Beautiful People” posed under an interesting arbor.

More roses and fun. It was an extremely cool day, all in all. Our sister was up from Reno and we toured a bit, including here. A very nice change of pace and a rose festival of our own.

I have no idea what species this rose is but I could have sworn it was a dogwood at first glance. I apologize for the blurred camera work bit it does seem to have single petals of an amazingly rich creamy white color. It made me hungry just looking at it.

7 thoughts on “A Portland Rose Garden – Steve Goes Bloomy

  1. And here I thought it was raining all the time in Portland Oregon. I suppose that must be from Sept-March? What a beautiful day Steve, and the roses looked great – It must have been dry for a while.

    This rosegarden is quite famous. I can see why. One thing I like about it is that there are many other plants than roses.

    With their long flowering time it is not hard to see why roses are popular. I really like Rhododendrons too – they are spectacular when they bloom. And they are evergreen. But like you wrote, I have a preference for roses. I know a lot about roses and always learn more.
    I do however plant more conifers and ornamental grasses.

    It was nice to see the pictures of the rosegarden.

  2. I’ve been to the oldest, public International Rose Test Garden in the US. It was fabulous to be inundated with roses.

  3. When I worked for the Portland Park Bureau years and years ago, I remember one gardener assigned to our park commenting about the dread of some city gardeners who had to prune all the ones with thorns.

    Just depended on the gardener.

    I’d be using the thin gloves made for handling rolls of barbed wire – and I do have a pair. Got them for cactus in one yard.


    M. D. Vaden
    Portland / Beaverton landscape designer / arborist

  4. Thanks for visiting, Mario. I liked your website quite a bit, especially your sections dealing with more of Oregon’s natural wonders. You do it very well. I also liked your projects. Portland is an inspiring city for landscaping, I have always said that.

    For me, it’s roses, blackberries and Pyracantha, in no set order, lol, as the most diabolical plants known to pruners.

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