Brick Paver Styles – The “Tumbled” Look

Originally, brick pavers were all designed to adhere to a strict sort of glossy perfection, all snugged up and colorful and astoundingly exact. But newer technologies developed a system of “tumbling” brick pavers which allowed them to thrash around inside a rotating container filled with sand and a few other pavers and which took off all the sharp edges and yielded a very interesting look – more weathered, almost antiqued. What it allowed was an interesting sort of sense of history right away.

The muted tones and apparently irregular edges of the tumbled product became another approach altogether.

Here’s a standard “tumbled” paver look that goes all the way around front:

This next one is paired with the one following it. It’s a downright huge patio using rough, tumbled pavers with an interesting laying pattern. Click the pictures to enlarge, especially the second one:

Click to enlarge

Another “rough” style paver (tumbled), offers some “antiquing” to a newer project:

Same place from the other side of the house, leading to the rear:

Same place, just walking around the house more:

We’ve been here before in this blog, and recently, but I thought these still bore a look, considering the theme:

At any rate, one can see how these do indeed look far rougher and more sort of “historical”. The cracks are always sand filled and the surfaces are generally easily walkable. Yes, care has to be taken to select pavers which won’t cause accidents from such things as high heels or walking canes – the pavers can get pretty chipped and miss entire corners – but that’s easy to do. Next, I will contrast these tumbled pavers with the fully intact varieties.

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