The Magnolias Of Bernheim Woods

My Mother and I took an early early early Spring tour of the entire local area, with a special aside to Bernheim Woods. We basked in the first truly warm weekend weather of the year, just exactly like a bazillion other Louisville locals. Humid breezy fresh air and warm sunshine smote us all day and we didn’t even complain! Not once.

Since she is such a veteran of Bernhiem and knows the “hot spots”, we coursed down through Guerilla Flats and up to the canopy walk and Fire Trail. Our goals were nothing in particular, but  rather to enjoy what we encountered. A partial goal at least of my own is always the Spring Magnolias which have been planted and cultivated here for long years in a virtual specialty garden of sheer blossoming monstrosity. I designated Mom as the Magnolia Girl and you can plainly see it worked out splendidly.

These pictures all enlarge by left-clicking.



We were – as always – mesmerized by the simple profusion of blossoms in this small part of this immense local resource. Bernheim Woods is a family tradition for us and has been since my parents discovered it together in 1970.



The pilgrimages Mother and I take so often end up in this grove.

This stunning deep dark purple bloomer below is eye-catching in its deeply hued blooms. Without the impediments of leaves to distract the eye, these crystal blossoms really capture the eye.


In a mix with other surrounding young blooming tees, it takes on an even cooler characteristic, standing out in relief against a busy background.


There is also a field adjoining this garden which features even more exotic magnolias at more distance. Yellows, pinks and purples dominate the bloom colors, even at a remove like this:


I’m crazy about yellow magnolias, this one getting barely underway. Next week, the show should be other worldly.

DSCN2155[1]No trip to Bernheim is complete without a visit to the gorgeous statue below and the proximity of my Father’s ashes which we strewed to the upper left in this picture – it was his favorite spot. (this one enlarges to large proportions and it is worth it).

DSCN2141[1]Later, we traipsed down some backroads, searching for – and finding! – some surprisingly early Vasey Trilliums.

DSCN2145[1]This Spring is young, yet the recent warm spell has really ripened the blooming things. A look at the forest itself reveals Winter’s barrenness still applies. The forest floor is totally leaf-covered and easy to traverse for the adventurous walkers who don’t mind some mud.



All in all, a great day to be out, with plenty of gorgeousness.

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