Brick Paver Styles – Standard

Here is a variety of more standard pavers from the “tumbled” editions below in the prior post. These have some definite benefits over the tumbled variety especially when sealed with a “wet” looking sealer. The glossy appearance gives them a glossy sheen which really brings out color.

They start out much like in the picture below. Once installed and “grouted” with dry sand swept between the cracks, we then wash them off and apply this sealer for the above look. In fact, the first picture is a similar brick color as the one below. We actually opted not to seal the one below for reasons of budget and the overall effect, inasmuch as it is not the main driveway. But for anyone who might be interested, we generally do begin where we can establish a straight line, then work out from there during construction.

Here are a few more examples of non-tumbled pavers and their finished look:

Here’s a before an after look at a set of pavers we finished with the same sealant material, giving a glossier look as opposed to where we began.

I just love this “Bishop’s Hat” pattern of bricks. This is call “Cream and Tan” which seems to typify it very well indeed:

Others, the first one sealed with a semi gloss treatment, then those after, without sealant at all:

2 thoughts on “Brick Paver Styles – Standard

  1. It can be done. I have changed concrete color, although not pavers. Bear in mind, pavers are colored clear through, most of them. The others are colored down at least a half inch into the brick itself.

    There are concrete stains that color very well, actually, usually requiring an acid wash beforehand – or two. Dealing with pavers, inasmuch as you can now get them in whatever colors you want – at a price – I am not sure painting them is worth it, to tell the truth. And, in the end, that’s pretty much all you’re doing.

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