Can There Be Humor In Landscape Designs?

Yes, there can be all sorts of funny stuff in a landscaping product, commercially or residential. In fact, the range of fascinatingly funny and lighthearted subjects can begin at home very easily for the otherwise-challenged Do It Your Selfer. One just needs the urge to provide a diverting anarchy for visitors to enjoy.

Below is a study in pots and succulents, artfully arranged and basically left alone aside from occasional “haircuts”:


Fountains provide a rich field themselves, always a featured aspect of any landscape, but made more so by certain wry twists which only those people who prize hilarity could ever arrive at. Useless and witty items such as this spigot provide a spectacle for kids and adults alike and are surprisingly easy to install:

001On a larger basis, such as this, um, unpolitically-correct item in Chicago, a photographic range of pictures flit across this huge screen, in the center of which spouts an abundance of water. In this case………….well, see what you think, lol:


A business in Austria came up with an intriguing and rather fun fountain which constantly surprises their visitors and stands as one of the world’s fountain wonders:


Whimsy in a garden? Who ever heard of such a thing? That’s really just a leaky truck!

001One adores the efforts in all these big and small wonders.



I bet you never saw this before!



Topiarists live an interesting and occasionally hilarious life………..


This one is a favorite of mine. 😉

“Start your engines!!”



Bring a little Africa to your front yard!!



Anyway, chuckles can actually matter, as is somewhat obvious. A landscape can surely gain by dedicating a corner to something fresh, novel and basically hilarious.

I know Stravinsky agrees.001


And the Tin Man does too!!



Antonio Gaudi does too, lol. But……………..001

Sometimes Gaudi is better at providing just plain sheer awesomeness, all on its own. This is the ceiling of the half-finished Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona – yes, it is real.


Pretty hard to top that!

3 thoughts on “Can There Be Humor In Landscape Designs?

  1. The Tin Man multi-tasks – time and temp is a bonus! That lizard is unbelievable.

  2. These are all absolutely brilliant! I especially like the ones with the iguana on the tree, and the head shaped tree. I had never seen any of these before now except for the waterfall that looks like it’s being spit out. Awesome post though, thanks for sharing these wonders!


  3. It seems so hard to say “Succulent Lizard”, doesn’t it? Ha ha, thanks, mj.

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