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It’s been an odd month around this poster. In spite of the apparent message implicit in the first picture below, I have not been on a big bender (as much as I might have preferred it!), but, rather, have had a few technical issues to battle as well as just a sort of a need for a break. Well, I am back again, with a very nearly repaired computer – the one with the “real pictures” on it. Having figured it was toast – and having been told so by a geek-not-to-be-named-or-recommended, I find I have an utterly fixable major unit now in the shop and nearly better. Let’s move on, then. Today, I just want to entertain a little bit. I hope no one minds.

Having lived in Reno, Nevada, I once got totally surprised and delighted when an old schoolmate went and tried to get me to accompany her to the Burning Man Festival, this most wild event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert about 70 miles outside of Reno. That particular stretch of old lake bed is also famous for the site of the world’s fastest car, the British entry into the world speed sweepstakes and a winner, I might add, with this man driving that crazy rig of his faster than the speed of sound. The photo’s of that event redounded all over the local news and I pinched a few great shots I have kept on disk. Pretty remarkable stuff, really. If, that is, you want to travel 733 MPH, lol.

More peacefully – in fact, I suppose the epitome of “peacefully” – the Burning Man event may be the lunatic fringe of peacefulness – aside from the obsession with fire, that is. Anyway, it was 3 years ago that I accompanied her there and it was an experience I shall never forget. It was an absolute mental picnic, with creativity just off the charts. They paint themselves up and there is this beating, throbbing Rave music playing 24/7 in the background, all of which add to a sort of interesting tension in the air of a surprisingly accepting sort. I loved it all, frankly, but some of the art vehicles and the artwork itself was truly astounding and made the trip something more than I ever expected. I was shocked at it.  Here are some images from Burning Man:

Semi Trailer Art anyone?

Funky and historical! (or is that hysterical?)

Here’s a nice, peaceful ride:

A kinetic work of art:

Yes, these are both vehicles, lol:

Some crazy, crazy art:

Back to the cars and, yes, these all move and transport people while there: (This one is multi-purpose!…..with its partner in crime, the Venus Fly Trap, this one is gorgeous at night)

and quite functional during the 90 degree days:

Here’s a vehicle for Everyone………..(literally, lol)

and another big guy, not quite as warm and cuddly:

Finally, you could get amazed now and then by stunning human sights as well:

All in all, a definite few eye fulls of stuff at Burning Man. For more, check out their website, amazing stuff:

2 thoughts on “From The Offbeat Files

  1. I just love the artistry you have shown here.
    My Mom has not been well, so I have been away. Hopefully things back to normal now.
    I love your new posts.

  2. Thanks, Phillip, much indeed. Inasmuch as my own Mom has had a couple of recent health issues, causing us the same worry, I sympathize completely. Are we twins? 😉

    Loved! your San Fransisco and Thiebauld postings.

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