Garden Grotto Another View

Here is another angle of the little recessed edifice. We were fortunate to find some Basalt Boulders which supplied the sitting spots around the grotto. They are ‘volcanic crystal’ and I always just loved that term, lol. I use them whenever I can, not only for their “spoken”, verbal value, but also because of their incredibly interesting columnar shapes.

We used them as well at the entry, upright, as pillars straddling the entrance and the steps down. I will post pictures of them as well, in time. By the way, bear in mind these pictures show the project at an early stage concerning plants. They have grown larger since, needless to say. This was the very freshly planted look. The fact is, I have not been back there in a couple of years, as often happens. You get to know people so frightfully well. You see their hopes and go through a myriad of emotions as they see the unholy (appropriate here!) messes we landscapers make, then watch their faces light up as they return home on that magical day when the grass goes down and it starts really looking “done”.

Then you’re off in a cloud of dust to the next project.

Oh, lest I forget, this home is also the home of the “Formal Garden” posts just below these.

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