Music Interlude Again

Keeping with the African theme from my other musical post, I’m giving up Ali Farka Toure, an African guitarist with a unique style. He died last year and his son, Vieux, carries on spectacularly in his tradition. This clip is from a desert festival where he shows his own form of enthusiasm while entertaining people who had never seen a concert in their entire lives. He is missed.

3 thoughts on “Music Interlude Again

  1. You’re definitely an artist at what you do, but it gives me great pleasure reading about any other type of exquisite art and remarkable people that intrigue the creative soul. In this case, yours. Thanks for widening our horizons. Absolutely enjoyed it.

  2. Why thank you, Violet. You made me blush. I always wanted to be a musician – of course, so does everyone else, lol. But I love music with a big passion. I range pretty far afield in my appreciation and it has always paid off. I like the commonality of melody and the sincerity of music. It’s hard to find it so readily and so sensuously anywhere else.

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