More Lighting, Garden and Holidays

In case anyone wonders, the name of this impressive lit up home is called The Million Light House, in Portland, Oregon. It is “all of that”, beyond a doubt. It is far more amazing when you’re standing in front of it. The sheer volume of lights and some truly excellent arranging make it quite a spectacle. You can click it to enlarge.

Lighting has always been a focus of mine. Owning the night can happen at one’s own premises, and in very tasteful ways. What has especially impressed me has been the revolution caused by low voltage lighting and its amazing ease of installation. Much science and art have also been put to the task of tastefully lighting up our outdoor environments, resulting in some fabulously interesting and far more enjoyable areas – and in our own homes! Making a home safer for walking as well as for security reasons all make sense, to say nothing of how lighting dramatically increases the amount of time one wants to spend enjoying his place.

Since this is the Christmas Season, naturally it seems topical as heck to bring up Christmas lighting and how it also has developed into far more creative displays using tremendously less power. Lighting technology is one of those areas which keeps getting better and more usable. A trip through a catalog of any lighting supplier is now a trip through a stunning array of low voltage, high impact methods of presenting the magic of light in the darkness of our nights, leading us to some very surprising and uplifting experiences at home.

2 thoughts on “More Lighting, Garden and Holidays

  1. It seems everywhere has their Christmas overload, Donna. There is a street in Portland where the entire neighborhood “gets it” and it is pretty amazing. Likewise, there is always a great drive in Reno where all these gorgeous homes have conspired to make fabulous Christmas lights. With the advent of the smaller lights which use so little power, things have opened up again.

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