Blooming Things

One of the greatest pleasures in landscaping is watching the fruits of one’s hard labors produce something really exquisite. Who knew that moving around 10,000 yards of mud and soil, those hours spent raking an apparent endless belt of areas to be sodded, the agony of losing one’s cell phone into the depths of water features all result in something which can actually look gorgeous?SA400325

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  1. Crystal Springs March 3 09 046

Crystal Springs March 3 09 065

Crystal Springs March 3 09 079

Doug and Ed 098



BernheimYewDell 075

Begonia Illumination Orange HBK

Doug and Ed 109

Rose Garden 020

Doug and Ed 123

Rose Garden 067

Doug and Ed 116

Doug and Ed 105

Bernheim Spring 013

Bernheim Spring 011

5 thoughts on “Blooming Things

  1. Gorgeous and inspiring. Many of the plants you used can be used here in the extreme temps. of our hot desert. Thanks for sharing!

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