More NorthWest Landscaping Commerical

April282.JPGThis and the following day’s shots are from the same condominium project in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  We built these retaining walls.  I think we used something like 7,000 for the overall project, an immense project about 2-3 blocks in length.  To the right of the privacy screen trees is the street and a slope seriously downward off to the left.  Grade changes were all over this one.  The pics above were taken about 8 years after the installation.

April2821.JPGNote the incredibly large blossoms of the Rhododendrons on the left. These, Azaleas and a tremendous amount of other hugely flowering Spring blooms make the Northwest a landscaper’s paradise. Now, if they could just get rid of the rain!



5 thoughts on “More NorthWest Landscaping Commerical

  1. This landscaping is a work of art, an artistic one from a creative mind. Those retaining walls are very helpful to make the spot well-maintained.

    Thanks for sharing what you created and performed spontaneously. Have a good one!

  2. State-of-the -art landscaping works like this has a stunning beauty. It shows the spacious garden and highlights the cool ambiance. The owner will surely love and enjoy your landscaping masterpiece.

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