Jody Bare’s Wearable Artwork – Reprised

Β One can easily see from the number of comments made when this was first published in July of 2010, that Jody’s work is amazing. Since that time, she has not sat on her laurels but has most definitely continued her fabulous work as a fabric artist. I’m inserting few of these newer designs at random intervals to introduce Jody Bare to those who may not have stumbled upon this old and very dear friend and – for those who now see even more of why I regard her as a very serious artist who happens to work in mediums which are surprisingly practical at the same time. I would sincerely invite anyone who regards wearing unique and hand made products to take advantage of her while she’s still as busy as a bee. πŸ˜‰ Β  Hey – Christmas is just around the corner!

Art and house fish 026

This new one below, Jody calls “Stemmed Rose”:

“Art Clothing”. What a fascinating concept. Mz. Bare designs what to wear, surrounded by the knowledge that sheer unique artistic license is what you’re under. Jody Bare supplies an incredibly delightful, gorgeous and sumptuous feast of color, silk and images in her fabric art and I am – first of all – intrigued so much by her range and the delicate singularity of her products. Of course, the fact that I have known her pretty much forever makes it even more special.

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Pink Rose Scarf

This is another couple of newer ones. In order: “Primal Consciousness” and – following that, “Squid-in-Kelp”:

Biographical Stuff: For example, I can remember her as a college freshman at Western Kentucky University, courted by my very best friend in the world of nearly 50 years, Steve Bare. There are too many tales involving yours truly and this other miscreant – all true, unfortunately or fortunately. Sure, a few involve excess – but who’s counting?? πŸ˜‰Β  The short version is that Steve and I met at 12 years old, both the “new guys” in a new town. That we were pretty good at sports and that we each had parents who were tolerant and smart as whips gave us something special right off the bat. For years, Steve and I were inseparable and we have maintained contact, through his tour in Viet Nam and my tour in Korea, through my dislocation to Vancouver and, then his, to Santa Cruz. His marriage to Jody not only probably saved his life, he got his Soul Mate in the bargain. This is, in many ways, a romantic story and Jody Bare figures just hugely in the last 90% of the tale.

Did I mention she’s fun and just a great gal? Well, she is. How close are we? ……Well try this – When you have a bed named in your honor: “The Sned Bed“, in this case, you know you’re close!! πŸ™‚


Jody has always puttered around with fabrics. She speaks of her development as an artist on her home page, right here:ΒΒ  As you browse her brand new site, you can find a product list, with photo’s of some of her stuff, some of which can be seen adorning the ladies in my life. These scarves and fabrics have never disappointed anyone, let me assure you. It earned me some great smiles and Thank You’s, so there’s your proof this gal is a pro. πŸ˜‰

Jody tends to work in Linoleum block printing. She has mastered coloring, arriving at the inks she prefers. She tends to work on silk – real silk – pressing the block gently and firmly in place at her desired spot. She has always done her very own work, without help. She is explicit about rendering unique, hand made products from her own efforts. This is not only a mesmerizing artist – she is a hard-working one as well.

Sunpower Green-3

I’ve decided to make this blog post about Jody because she has entered the “Online Community” for the first real time.Β  In reality, she has featured her products many places, from San Fransisco to Kentucky and during the great ‘Artist Open Studio’ events in Santa Cruz, California. It is my fondest hope that people will visit her site and browse her incredibly beautiful work. Her style and products are completely “stand alone” items. As mentioned, each one is utterly unique and bears her own unique style as well as her own unique hands on efforts.


Elegant, supremely stylish and wearable. What could be better?

Doddles (3)-3

Yes, I am inordinately proud of Jody Bare, great Mom, cool listener and occasional playmate on her husband and his friends’ great misadventures, noteworthy fisherwoman and great – I mean the best – pal. That she does World Class artwork surprises me not at all.



I absolutely adore this last new piece, “Divine Lotus”:







16 thoughts on “Jody Bare’s Wearable Artwork – Reprised

  1. Wow! Thanks for enlightening us as to this woman’s talent, Steve.

  2. Yeah, Bonnie. She’s what we in the fishing world like to call “a Keeper”. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thought I’d check out your blog page. Wow, what a great site.
    Some beautiful work by Jody!!!

  4. Hey, cool, Howard. Yeah, this is where I hang out a lot. Go ahead on inside. The water’s fine!

  5. I love Jody Bare’s wearable art! The scarves are so beautiful, organic and colorful. I definitely can see one of those in my future! I did some batik in the past, but my things look like cave art next to her creations. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, Linda, that’s high praise coming from you. It’s funny – I’m delighted to have encountered a huge number of artisans and crafty people in my day. In landscaping, we had iron worker artists who could float a flower on a fence – great cement people who could make concrete look fascinating and much different that what we might think. Designers are an entirely “other” category altogether, along with Architects, of course. You start to get a sense of who is “really good”, after a while. You are actually one opf those people, too, ya know. But Jody has perfected something of her own – in style and content. She’s a wonderful artist.

  7. Hi Steve,
    Great article on Jody’s work. I hot footed it to her website.
    Stunningly creative and inspirational designs.


  8. They are, aren’t they, Helen? I’ll see if I can’t get her over to your place, lol. I have some pull.

  9. Her work is elegant and beautiful. I love the flower designs, you can really tell the level of skill that she has developed over her lifetime. Thank you for sharing these.

  10. Hey Sned, I really had not seen this whole piece. I tend to be really, really low tech. Thanks for the overwhelming praise. I found this on google. Jody

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