A-a-n-n-nnd They’re Off!! Louisville’s Gallopalooza

Just for kicks! 😉

Gallopalooza 009

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Sea Biscuit leads the pack at the first turn –

Gallopalooza 002

The pace is hot!

Gallopalooza 016

Cabbage is up at the head of the bunch

Gallopalooza 046

Gallopalooza 067

With Bubble Gum, stickin’ to the rail!

Gallopalooza 074

It’s a competitive race, ladies and gents!

Gallopalooza 095

Banana peels around on the outside!

Gallopalooza 047

With Van Gogh charging hard!

Gallopalooza 086

And Starburst giving chase!

Gallopalooza 100

Cherokee Park even showed up, running hard

Gallopalooza 093

With her picnic area tattooed as always

Gallopalooza 107

This is a detail horse!

Gallopalooza 007

Looking good and stylin’ her Daniel Boone statue!

Gallopalooza 014

Royalty was also well-represented as Louisville’s namesake points the way

Gallopalooza 091

Gallopalooza 049

Although, to be perfectly honest, some horses didn’t much care –

Gallopalooza 021

There were some definitely lazy nags at the track that day –

Gallopalooza 031

Gallopalooza 044

While some were almost too darn excited!

Gallopalooza 081

Gallopalooza 027

Gallopalooza 102

Gallopalooza 035

Gallopalooza 033

All in all, no one remembered who won. The race was fun all by itself!

Gallopalooza 072

Louisville’s “Gallopalooza” is a fund-raising and civic pride phenomenon initiated a few years ago by consigning the best artists in town to do their thing on some gorgeous horses. It’s almost unfair using something as cool and beautiful as a horse to draw and paint on – already beautiful in form, horses are a Louisville love affair. These babies were already placed all over town a few years ago. They are a wonderful institution and uncommonly pretty to look at. They are fun.

Here is some interesting info on the event with many more horses featured in photo’s from Flickr…..here.