Percy Dovetonsils – Comical Interlude

I’m going to slip this weirdness into my Landscaping Blog, simply because I can, I guess. Like everyone else in the wide wide world, I like sharing. This has as much relation to landscaping as the Man in The Moon, but…………… I have always thought comedy and those who make it deserve a special place in our lives.

This blogger has decided to take yet more advantage of pure selfishness and display not only his wanton lust for the comic geniuses who have walked the stage and screen, but to date myself as well.  Cursed with an excellent memory, I can remember watching such persons as Sid Ceasar, Steve Allen and this guy – Ernie Kovacs – as they first began appearing on television. Yes, we’re talking the mid 50’s, before color TV, even. I remember making an absolute ass out of myself amid my family,  laughing pretty much out of control at Don Knotts and Louie Nye on the Steve Allen Show – or Imogene Coca and Howie Morris on Sid Ceasar. But this guy – Kovacs – honestly sent me like no other.

I watched the recent Kennedy Center Honors Show with my Mother where they featured Mel Brooks, among others. He wrote for Sid Ceasar back in the day and, especially with the interviews of the famous “2,000 Year Old Man”, it shows. 😉

It made me investigate the older realms of TV comedy, back when everything was new. You can see the experimental attitude even in this clip. The guys on the set laugh, lol.  Live TV was a trip. Sometimes, the regulars at places like Steve Allen or Ceasar wouldn’t be able to finish their lines becasue they couldn’t control their giggles – wonderfully unprofessional and just about a riot.

Anyway, next to Robin Williams, Richard Pryor and Jonathon Winters, Kovacs always represented the height of comedy to me. Subtle, incomplete, almost Lenny Bruce-like in his ability to change skin, here he gives us the famous fop – Percy Dovetails – live from his fabulous Poetry Palace. He’s a Laureate!!!!

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